HEALTH & PE – year 10

Senior School

The Year 10 program is largely elective based. Students will be able to select a program that enhances their interests and strengths while preparing them for future study in Years 11 and 12. Students must study English and Mathematics for the full year.

Year 10 students will choose:

  • At least one elective from the Science Domain
  • At least one elective from the Humanities/Languages Domain
  • At least one elective from the Health and Physical Education Domain
  • At least one elective from the Arts/Technology Domain


This is a girls only elective that has both practical classes and theoretical classes that focus on preparing students for VCE Physical Education.

This subject equips students with the appropriate knowledge and skills to plan, develop and maintain their involvement in physical activity, sport and exercise across their lifespan and to understand the physical, social, emotional and cognitive health benefits associated with being active.

Students will enhance their understanding of equality in sport and will research current issues and the sociocultural factors that affect these issues.

Girls will be able to be physically active in a same sex class environment and have input into the types of sport/fitness activities they would like to study in further detail including a variety of competitive and non-competitive sports and fitness classes

This elective should only be taken by students who have an interest in health, sport and personal fitness.

Classes run seven sessions per fortnight, with a ratio of five theory classes to two practical classes.

Approximate cost of excursions is $60


Physical Education in Year 10 is focused on preparing students to excel in VCE or VCE Vocational Major strands of Physical Education. Students will use these concepts to explain how to enhance performance in sport and everyday life. 

The topics that are covered in this class include:

  • Musculoskeletal System
  • Cardio-Respiratory System
  • Energy Systems

This class has 7 sessions a fortnight with a ratio of 5 theory to 2 practical classes.

Practical classes are run as physical laboratories relating directly to content learnt in theory classes.


In this elective, students undertake a highly practical subject directed at increasing their love for sport and fitness in a variety of settings.

Students complete fitness testing, develop their own training program and use this to increase their personal fitness.

There are still theoretical components to the course including training principles, training methods, energy systems and biomechanics, however the main focus of the subject is on practical application.

This elective provides a pathway for students to pursue Physical education in VCE but is more tailored towards students pursuing the VCE Vocational Major.


Health and Human Development at year 10 is structured to prepare students for VCE Health and Human Development.

Through the completion of this subject, students will develop an understanding of the five dimensions of health and wellbeing and specific examples associated with each of these.

Students apply and consolidate their knowledge of the five dimensions of health and wellbeing through the completion of a variety of theory-based activities.

Students also develop an understanding of the various ways in which health can be measured and evaluated (health status indicators). Using and applying their knowledge of the health status indicators, students explore a variety of different issues that youth are facing here in Australia and also on a global scale.

Students will design a health promotion program to address a youth issue of their choice.


Year 10 Outdoor and Environmental Studies is the scaffold for students to be successful in VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies.

The course content focuses on depictions of outdoor environments through mediums such as art, the media and photography. It also focuses on Indigenous relationships with Outdoor Environments before and after European Settlement.

Students will also have the opportunity to engage with outdoor environments through a field trip to Gippsland to participate in Mountain Bike Riding and White Water Rafting.

Approximate cost of camp: $350.

Approximate cost of Indoor climbing excursion: $30