Year 9 Science Electives

Applied Microbiology

In the Applied Microbiology elective students will learn all about the organisms that are too small to see with the naked eye.

Students will learn about the structure and function of the organelles within all cells. We will make extensive use of microscopes to investigate plant, animal, bacterial and fungal cells.

Students will learn where bacteria are likely to grow, how scientists grow bacteria to study them in laboratories and then grow bacteria to study at school. Investigations will include food poisoning cases, prevention of food spoilage and outbreaks of viral diseases.

This course will prepare students for further study and provide students with important skills for studying biological sciences.

Forensic Science

In this elective, you will learn how Science can be used to solve crimes. You will develop the skills to make observations, gather and analyse evidence using the tools of forensic scientists, then use this information to solve a crime. You will even complete an assessment task where you examine and report on a crime scene! You will also explore a variety of topics that relate to forensic science, including:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Arson
  • DNA
  • Chromatography
  • Entomology

Evolution and the Environment

Year 9 Evolution and the Environment looks at the function of the Earth’s system.

Emphasis is placed on the origin and evolution of the Earth system and universe, human interactions with the Earth’s geologic and environmental systems and geochemical cycles and energy in the Earth system.

This science class emphasises the application of scientific concepts to the understanding and solution of environmental problems and solutions.

This elective leads into VCE Environmental Science.

Introduction to Psychology

Psychology reaches into every part of our lives. It is an incredibly diverse and fascinating subject that considers virtually every aspect of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

No matter what your current interests are, what job you want in the future, how well you want to do at school or how to improve your relationships with others, psychology can help.

Neuropsychology is a branch of psychology and neurology that aims to understand the relationship between the structure and function of the brain.

  • How does your brain learn and recall memories?
  • How is it that the brain allows us to experience emotions like fear, sadness and excitement?
  • Is your brain similar to a computer?

In this elective you will learn that the study of psychology is a journey of discovery about you and your amazing brain.

This elective will also help you prepare for Year 10 psychology and VCE psychology.

Practical Physics

In Practical Physics the students learn many Physics concepts and then investigate them practically.

Some of the topics covered are light, sound, gravity, waves, motion and Newton’s three laws of motion.

The students will also spend time writing up experiment reports in the correct scientific format.

The students will also complete GATS on measuring friction and measuring the Earth’s gravitational field strength.