Year 9 Additional Program Electives

St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance Australia is a national self-funding charitable organisation, active in every State and Territory, dedicated to helping people in sickness, distress, suffering or danger. We have been active in Australia for over one hundred years, and are part of a wider international organisation with a long and honourable history. Our Operations Branch volunteers in their familiar black-and-white uniforms provide the highest quality first aid coverage at sporting and community events. Students strive to complete their Preliminary First Aid certificate, which gains them entry to St John Ambulance and prepares cadets for duty with adult members of the operations Branch. Students work with Mark White, the school first aid officer and they can have an active role in the wider school community, by attending events as first aid students.

Please note: This elective will run all year and take up 2 elective choices (one per semester)


The aim of the Dromana College Cycling Program is to foster a cycling culture to enable students to gain valuable skills and knowledge about cycling and racing, and to provide challenging and positive experiences for participants. A maximum of 30 students from Years 9 and 10 can be accepted into the program, due to staffing limitations. Students would improve on basic, intermediate and advanced off road riding skills through theory and practical sessions. Students need to apply and need to be accepted to the program.

Students would do the following activities:

  • Undergo an extensive skills based training regime tailored for individual needs undertaken at school and at followed up at home.
  • Understand training and racing food requirements and the role of hydration.
  • Care and maintenance of their personal equipment including the servicing and maintenance of their riding gear, and their mountain bikes.
  • Study the theory behind gear ratios, tyre pressures, different lube characteristics, and hydraulic braking
  • Descending and hill climbing techniques, accelerating and braking techniques and cornering to negotiate obstacles.
  • Become more environmentally aware of the impact of users such as mountain bikers on the native vegetation and wildlife.

Parents are required to organise the regular bringing of the mountain bike to school.

Cost: $75.00 per term, or $300.00 for 12 months’ involvement. This is to cover the reduced ratio of students to staff for risk management of cyclists.


This subject is not offered beyond Year 10.

Please note: This elective will run all year and take up 2 elective choices (one per semester)

Tipoff Basketball Program

In Year 9 / 10 students can access the Tipoff Basketball Program as part of their electives. The program is run in association with the Southern Peninsula Basketball Association and focuses on building students basketball skills, ability to work in teams and to have an understanding of Health and Fitness. The program offers students the opportunity to complete their referee accreditation and level 0 coaching course, as well as various excursions to leaders in the field of Basketball specific training.

NOTE: This course is not offered beyond Year 10.

Cost: $480

Please note: This elective will run all year and take up 2 elective choices (one per semester)