Dromana College is committed to providing an extensive teaching and learning program that allows all students to pursue their passions as well as explore new interests in a supportive and challenging learning environment.

Our Year 9 program focuses on catering for the needs and interests of each student, and ensures all students are supported to maximise their learning potential. Students at Year 9 choose a total of eight electives across the course of a year.

These electives are arranged into six main learning areas and students choose broadly across each. This structure enables students to develop a personalised learning pathway that will lead them into the senior school.

All students in Year 9 study English and Mathematics (in single gender classes), Pastoral Care, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Science in a dedicated learning space that caters specifically for the developing minds of our Year 9 students.

Core Program

Semester 1 EnglishMathsScienceHumanitiesPastoral Care
Semester 2EnglishMathsScienceHealth and Physical EducationPastoral Care


Students will choose an additional eight electives from a range of learning areas to complete their core learning program.

Elective Considerations

  • Students should select electives that interest and challenge them.
  • Students are encouraged to undertake a breadth of subjects as part of their Year 9 program.
  • Some electives, such as Languages, Cycling, and Tip Off Basketball run for the whole year, and therefore fill two elective choices.