Year 9 LEAP Pathway

Middle School - LEAP

Dromana College’s LEAP (Learning Enhancement and Acceleration Program) aims to cater to the individual needs of high ability and highly engaged students.

The Year 9 LEAP pathway is based on the best available educational research and evidence. We recognise the importance of giving all Year 9 students choice with their studies, but also recognise the importance of ensuring our LEAP students continue to gain exposure and breadth with their Year 9 pathway.

How does the Year 9 LEAP pathway differ from the mainstream Year 9 pathway?

The Year 9 LEAP pathway aspires to prepare students to undertake a University enhancement subject as well as completion of the Victoria Baccalaureate in VCE. To meet the requirements of the Victorian Baccalaureate students are required, at VCE level, to undertake the study of a Language and VCE Maths Methods as well as attain a high score in VCE English.

University Enhancement subjects are offered through Monash University in the areas of:

Accounting, Biology, Biomedical Science, Computational Thinking, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mobile Applications Development and Physics.

The Year 9 LEAP pathway requires students to:

  • Undertake a Language study (continue with either Indonesian or Japanese)
  • Undertake LEAP Maths which aims to provide a pathway into Year 10 Extension Maths (Methods) or VCE Maths Methods Unit 1 & 2 in Year 10.
  • Undertake LEAP English, LEAP Humanities and LEAP Science
  • Access Year 10/VCE studies offered within the Wednesday F Block

Suggested Year 9 LEAP Program

Semester 1 LEAP EnglishLEAP MathsLEAP ScienceLEAP HumanitiesLanguagePastoral CareHealth & PEF Block VCE Elective
Semester 2LEAP EnglishLEAP MathsLEAP ScienceLEAP HumanitiesLanguagePastoral CareYear 9 ElectiveF Block VCE Elective

Subject/Elective descriptors can be found on the Year 9 Learning page of our website.