Year 10 Science Elective


Chemical Bonding, Reactions and the Physics of Motion

The Year 10 Chemistry and Physics subject is designed for any students that are thinking of selecting one or both of Chemistry or Physics in VCE. The course is delivered via a mix of challenging practical activities and theoretical coursework that will provide you with the knowledge and understanding required for VCE. The topics you will study include chemical bonding and the various types of chemical reactions, the physics of motion and the Universe.

This subject is essential if you plan to continue with Chemistry and or Physics in VCE.


This course is designed for Year 10 students who are thinking about studying VCE Biology

In this subject, students will learn about the basics of cell biology; the tpes of cells that make up all living organisms, the parts of the cell and the biological mechanisms underpinning complex cellular processes.

Students are also introduced to the field of Genetics: exploring how genes are expressed, how traits are inherited and how mutations can be passed on through generations.

Students will be given the opportunity to research the inheritance pattern of a disease of interest, applying their theoretical understanding of the topic to a real life example.

The final part of this semester-based course will focus on animal adaptions that enhance the survival and fitness of a species through natural selection and evolution.

It is strongly advised that students planning to complete VCE Biology complete Year 10 Biology