Year 10 Health and Physical Ed. Electives

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Health and Human Development aims to prepare students for VCE Health and Human Development. The central focus of the Health and Human Development study is to look at the factors that promote health and wellbeing in individuals, families and communities. The study aims to develop and improve the understanding between stages in development throughout the lifespan and how factors relating to health can affect what occurs during these stages. Students will explore the different health challenges faced by population groups within Australia and on a global scale.


Year 10 Outdoor and Environmental Studies is the scaffold for students to be successful in VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies. The course content focuses on factors influencing societal relationships, together with the influence environmental movements have had on shaping these. Students will also have the opportunity to engage with outdoor environments through a field trip experience rock-climbing at Mt Arapiles. Approximate cost of camp: $320.

Approximate cost of Indoor climbing excursion: $30


Physical Education is focused on preparing students for VCE Physical Education. They will use these concepts to explain how to enhance performance with biomechanics and training principles. Students will study the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in detail as they relate to performance. Classes run seven session per fortnight, with a ratio of five theory classes to two practical classes. Topics covered include: Biomechanics, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems, Training programs and Energy Systems.


Sport and Fitness is a more practical course where students undertake fitness testing, develop their personal fitness and participate in sporting and coaching activities. There are still theoretical components to the course, but the main focus of the subject is on practical application. As such, the subject is designed for students who are pursuing a VCAL Pathway in Year 11 and 12. Hence, this elective does not specifically target students who wish to pursue VCE Physical Education. These students would be better served by choosing electives that have a greater theoretical bias required for success in VCE Physical Education. Students are required to wear their full PE uniform for all practical classes.