Year 10 Health and Physical Ed. Electives


Year 10 Outdoor and Environmental Studies is the scaffold for students to be successful in VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies. The course content focuses on factors influencing societal relationships, together with the influence environmental movements have had on shaping these. Students will also have the opportunity to engage with outdoor environments through a field trip experience rock-climbing at Mt Arapiles. Approximate cost of camp: $320.

Approximate cost of Indoor climbing excursion: $30


Physical Education is focused on preparing students for VCE Physical Education. They will use these concepts to explain how to enhance performance and understanding of the body systems.

Topics covered include:

  • Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems and Energy Systems.

Classes run seven sessions per fortnight, with a ration of five theory classes to two practical classes.
The practical classes will be lab based and relate directly to the content learnt in the theory classes


The major focus of this elective is on the following areas:

Students will learn about training methods and principles to achieve their personal fitness goals.

Students will participate in a variety of sporting activities and games with an emphasis on learning tactics and working as part of a team.

The focus of this unit is on participation, teamwork and sportsmanship behaviour.
There are also theoretical components to this subject in which students will learn about training principles and methods to design their own training program to improve personal fitness goals.

Students will also explore biomechanics and feedback methods to enhance athletic performance.


This is a girls only elective that has both practical classes and theoretical classes that focus on preparing students for VCE Physical Education.

This subject equips students with the appropriate knowledge and skills to plan, develop and maintain their involvement in physical activity, sport and exercise across their lifespan and to understand the physical, social, emotional and cognitive health benefits associated with being active.

Girls will be able to be physically active in a same sex class environment and have input into the types of sport/fitness activities they would like to study in further detail.

Students will be taken off site as much as possible for practical sessions to further explore alternative fitness options.
Some of the activities undertaken would include a variety of competitive and non-competitive sports and an array of fitness classes.

During theoretical classes students will explore skill acquisition principles and apply these to a peer teaching unit.

They will enhance their understanding of equality in sport and will research current issues and the sociocultural factors that affect these issues. Classes run seven sessions per fortnight, with a ratio of five theory classes to two practical classes.

Approximate cost of excursions is $60

Classes run seven sessions per fortnight, with a ratio of five theory classes to two practical classes.