Year 10 English Elective

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English is a compulsory subject at Year 10. Students will work with a range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction. Students will need to read, analyse and interpret the set texts at home and at school several times throughout the year for the familiarity they will need with the texts. A range of different writing styles will be explored based on the texts studied, including analytical, comparative and creative pieces. Students will look at the presentation of points of view in the media. Students will also complete oral presentations where appropriate. Extra-curricular opportunities for students during the year include visiting the Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick as part of their studies on the novel ‘Night’ as well as other excursions and special events where appropriate. In preparation for senior VCE classes, there will be a formal examination at the end of each semester.

Foundation English

Foundation English is an alternative Year 10 English class for those not doing VCE in Year 11 and 12. Students will complete the study of set texts in conjunction with focused literacy activities to help build student confidence in their English skills and prepare them for their VCAL pathway. Students respond to texts in a variety of writing styles and complete an oral presentation task during the year. Students who undertake Foundation English in Year 10 cannot transition into VCE in English in Year 11.