Year 10 The Arts Electives


The year 10 Art elective will develop student independence in their approach to exploring and refining art concepts.

Students will use a range of materials, techniques and processes and will experiment and refine ideas throughout a folio.

During the semester, students will explore a range of art forms such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

Exploring the practical and theoretical aspects of each art form.

This subject is a stepping stone to VCE Art Creative Practice, Units 1-4.

Please note, students will require an A3 visual diary if they choose this subject.


In this elective, students will participate in technique classes which concentrate on safe dance practice, technical skills and performance skills.

They will be introduced to a wide variety of dance styles through research tasks and peer teaching.
Students will be taught a class dance where they will learn about choreographic processes and how to take on a choreographer’s expressive intention.
Students will also undertake structured improvisation classes and learn about the dance making process and use of movement categories to create choreography. Students will create a small group choreography which will be performed as a practical assessment at the conclusion of the elective.


This creative and versatile subject aims to introduce students to a variety of cartooning styles including caricature, comic strip and other illustrative styles.

You will develop rendering and drawing skills using various mediums such as pen and ink, graphic pencil and graphic markers
This subject leads to VCE Arts Creative Practice and Visual Communication Design


This elective builds on the skills students previously learnt in Year 7 or 8.

It will look at different styles of acting as well as how to improvise performances.
Students will be introduced to the concepts explored in senior drama by using different stimuli to create performance.
They will also have the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of theatrical conventions and performance styles.

By the end of the semester, students will be able to improvise performance as well as create a sustained ensemble piece that utilises stimulus and theatrical conventions.


In Media students will be introduced to understanding ‘Narrative’ and analysing film texts. They will also explore representations in various media products and the codes and conventions of different film genres. This will lead to students working individually and collaboratively to create short films, posters and magazines. Students will have access to the Macintosh Lab and all the programs in the Adobe CC suite. The aim for the course is to give students experience in using industry quality programs and prepare for VCE Unit 1 and 2 Media


Year 10 Music gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding of music. The program allows students to work on their own individual areas of performance interest, while also covering a range of fundamental pre-VCE theory and aural skills, music technology projects and creative composition activities. Students are required to prepare a number of performances throughout the semester, involving a variety of styles and techniques, as both a soloist and in an ensemble. Students are also required to analyse recordings and videos of their own performances, as a way to improve and self-evaluate their technical and performance skills. The subject is an excellent complement to school ensemble involvement and private instrumental/vocal lessons and equips students with the necessary skills for a strong start in VCE Music in Year 11.
To undertake this subject, students must have prior experience in music and be learning an instrument. This subject runs for the whole year


In this subject, students will follow the design process in response to client briefs from the Industrial, Environmental, and Communication fields of design.

Students will experiment with a variety of methods, media and materials, including pencil rendering, technical drawing, painting, model-making, and digital methods, with students able to access all programs in the Adobe CC suite.

Students will build their awareness of how designers use the elements and principles of design to communicate ideas visually.

This area of study leads into VCE Visual Communication Design Unit 1 – 4, and will be both practical and theory based.

Please note, students will require an A3 visual diary if they choose this subject.