technology – year 10

Senior School

The Year 10 program is largely elective based. Students will be able to select a program that enhances their interests and strengths while preparing them for future study in Years 11 and 12. Students must study English and Mathematics for the full year.

Year 10 students will choose:

  • At least one elective from the Science Domain
  • At least one elective from the Humanities/Languages Domain
  • At least one elective from the Health and Physical Education Domain
  • At least one elective from the Arts/Technology Domain


Advanced Industrial Product Design provides an opportunity to strengthen your creative and technological expertise in working with a variety of materials to solve a client brief. You’ll explore the design and development of innovative and sustainable products, and discover how to combine art and science. You’ll learn to apply skills such as sketching, computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques to strategically plan and design your product in response to your client’s needs. You communicate your ideas and design, record client interaction and document the development process through a VCE style folio. This subject leads to VCE Product Design and VCE Systems Engineering.


In this class, you’ll get to explore the exciting world of electronic and mechanical systems! We’ll learn about all the different parts and pieces that go into making machines and devices work. You’ll even get to design, build, and test your own projects! Following the design process you’ll make a: hydraulic digger race car Aeroplane And pump up the jam with your very own speaker! This subject is a great way to prepare for VCE Systems Engineering and discover all the amazing things you can do with technology and engineering!


Learn some welding and fabrication skills using oxy-acetylene, arc, mig and tig welding equipment. Emphasis will be placed on workshop safety, correct use of hand tools and ancillary equipment. Students will work with various materials, to understand the principles of material properties and manipulation. Students will also have the opportunity to design and construct a model of their choice to implement skills learnt throughout the semester. This subject leads to VCE Systems Engineering and VCAL VCE Product Design, Projects and VCAL VCE Industry and Enterprise (Business Enterprise).


In Year 10 Applied Computing, you’ll learn how to use technology to solve real-world problems. This course will build on your knowledge of computer science and programming from earlier years, and expand your skills in areas such as programming, web design, and data analysis. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on group projects and develop your teamwork and communication skills.

Through hands-on activities and practical projects, you’ll develop your problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as your ability to analyze and interpret data. You’ll also learn about the ethical and social implications of technology, and how to use technology in a responsible and sustainable way.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in technology or simply want to develop your skills and knowledge, Year 10 Applied Computing is an exciting and challenging course that will prepare you for success in a rapidly evolving digital world.


The Advanced Food Studies course is an introduction to VCE Food Studies and is a semester long subject. Students will explore concepts such as safety and hygiene in the kitchen, nutrition and health, a focus on the Australian Dietary Guidelines as well as learning about the environmental factors affecting food choice in today’s society.

Students will experience theory sessions followed by practical sessions that will enforce the concepts learnt within each of the theory sessions. Students will then learn the concepts of evaluating food in more detail as well as gaining an understanding of how to design meals and follow design briefs. Throughout the semester students will complete several GAT’s to show their understanding of the concepts learnt in class.


Café Cuisine is a popular Year 10 subject as students become employees of the school Café. At the start of the semester students will explore the topics of Safety and Hygiene and have an opportunity to complete their Safe Food handling certificate. This then allows students to work in small groups to set up and run the staff café, at recess, that caters for staff members at the school. The students gain hands on experience using the espresso machine as well as producing products in the kitchen to sell to staff. The food made within our Cafe class is then not taken home or eaten at school but is used to sell in the school Cafe. This class also allow students to gain employability skills such as customer service skills, money handling skills as well as being a skilled barista. Throughout their Café cuisine semester students will also study the concepts behind setting up a small business and the running of This is a Great class to gain skills to add to your resume as well as learning concepts to lead into future VCE food studies classes.