science – year 10

Senior School

The Year 10 program is largely elective based. Students will be able to select a program that enhances their interests and strengths while preparing them for future study in Years 11 and 12. Students must study English and Mathematics for the full year.

Year 10 students will choose:

  • At least one elective from the Science Domain
  • At least one elective from the Humanities/Languages Domain
  • At least one elective from the Health and Physical Education Domain
  • At least one elective from the Arts/Technology Domain


This course is designed for Year 9 and 10 students who are thinking about studying VCE Chemistry and / or Physics.

In this course students will explore many interesting topics in Physics which include astrophysics, the universe, stars, black holes, quantum mechanics, the Big Bang, dark matter, Einstein’s relativity, the dual nature of light and much, much more.

They will also learn about the types of bonding involved in ionic, covalent and metallic compounds. They will study organic chemistry and learn how to name and draw hydrocarbons. Students will apply this knowledge to investigate the reactions of hydrocarbons and explore compounds such as carboxylic acids and haloalkanes.

While not a prerequisite for VCE, this course will be a great preparation and introduction to some of the content in the VCE course. It is suitable for Year 10 Essential Science students and Year 9 students thinking of completing a Year 11 Science subject in Year 10.


This course is designed for Year 10 students who are considering studying VCE Biology

In this subject, students will learn about the basics of cell biology; the parts of the cell and the biological mechanisms underpinning complex cellular processes.

Students are also introduced to the field of Genetics: exploring how genes are expressed, how traits are inherited and how mutations can be passed on through generations.

Students will be given the opportunity to research the inheritance pattern of a disease of interest, applying their theoretical understanding of the topic to a real life example.

The final part of this semester-based course will focus on how the immune system functions in humans, animal adaptations that enhance the survival and fitness of a species through natural selection and evolution.

It is strongly advised that students planning to complete VCE Biology complete Year 10 Biology.


This course covers many exciting topics such as, exploring Earth’s systems, Ecosystems, Natural and Human Induced Ecosystem Change, and Investigating Ecosystems – Research Methods.

The aim for this elective is to include a 1 – 2 night research camp staying in cabins at Wilson’s Promontory National Park.

The camp will involve learning about different ecosystems and the collection of data in fire affected areas of the National Park to investigate the effect of fire on ecosystem components.

This course is designed for Year 9 and 10 students who are thinking about studying VCE Environmental Science. It is also for students wanting to grow their knowledge in current Environmental Science concepts, research and issues.

This course in not a prerequisite for VCE Environmental Science, but it does provide preparation and an introduction to the VCE course


Year 10 Chemistry and Physics is designed for any student that is thinking of selecting one or both of Chemistry or Physics in VCE. The course is delivered via a mix of challenging practical activities and theoretical coursework that will provide you with the knowledge and understanding required for VCE. The topics you will study include chemical bonding and the various types of chemical reactions, the physics of motion and Newton’s Laws..

This subject is recommended for those planning to continue with Chemistry and or Physics in VCE.