Senior School

The Year 10 program is largely elective based. Students will be able to select a program that enhances their interests and strengths while preparing them for future study in Years 11 and 12. Students must study English and Mathematics for the full year.

Year 10 students seeking to pursue a VCE University pathway are encouraged to complete a VCE elective outside of the Wednesday Block, to gain early exposure and experience to the demands and expectations of VCE. VCE electives studied outside of the F block run for 7 periods a cycle within your Year 10 timetable.

For a full list of Year 11 VCE subjects available, please click HERE.

Year 10 students should choose:

  • At least one elective from the Science Domain
  • At least one elective from the Humanities/Languages Domain
  • At least one elective from the Health and Physical Education Domain
  • At least one elective from the Arts/Technology Domain

Wednesday Block

Wednesday Block runs during Period 3 and 4 for the full academic year. Students must elect one subject for their Wednesday Block that complements their Year 10 program.

Subjects in this block run for only four periods per cycle whereas all other subjects run for seven periods per cycle.

Some VCE subjects offered in the Wednesday Block may not be offered as Year 12 studies (Units 3/4 ), however they will provide credit towards the VCE at Year 11 (Units 1 and/or 2).

Click below to see Year 10 electives offered in each Domain.