VCE English Elective


Units 1 and 2

In Year 11 Literature, students explore how language, structure and stylistic choices are used in different literary forms.

The course explores both print and non-print texts, reflecting on which points of view, experiences and contexts shape their own interpretations of a text.  Students will have the opportunity to respond to a broad range of texts personally, critically and creatively by exploring the ideas and concerns of each text.

Coursework includes creative responses, spirited discussion and analytical thinking and writing. This broad selection of tasks encourages students to become independent and critical thinkers.

If you like to read and write, and enjoy the discussion and analysis of texts and ideas, then Literature will be a very rewarding experience.

Units 3 and 4

In Year 12 Literature, students experience a range of literature, from early to contemporary works, dealing with a diversity of cultural experiences and a range of points of view.

This course encourages students to explore different readings of texts and the values of both the writer and reader. Through class discussion and debate, students are encouraged to reflect or question aspects of human behaviours through characterisation, imagery, style, point of view and narrative structure.

This study gives students the opportunity to learn how to think deeply and analytically about literature, how to critique a work of literature using a literary perspective such as feminism, and finally, how to become a short story writer, using one of their texts as the starting point for a piece of writing.

Career Options

Playwright, Presenter, Program Director, Publicity Officer, Publisher, Reviewer, Script Writer, Teacher, Editor, Historian, Journalist, Librarian, Literary Critic, Writer, Archivist, Bookseller, Copywriter