Year 11 and 12 VCE

Dromana College is recognised as a high performing school of academic excellence. We support our students to build a strong pathway for success in their post secondary schooling.

Year 11 students who undertake a VCE program:

  • Must study English (compulsory subject within the VCE)
  • Must elect five VCE subjects (equal to 10 credits) and one additional study that is either a VCE subject in the Wednesday Block or a VET subject.
  • May have completed VCE units in Year 10 which will contribute to their VCE.
  • Are encouraged to complete a Year 12 Unit 3/4 study in Year 11. There is a distinct advantage gained by completing a Unit 3/4 study in Year 11.

Year 12 students who undertake VCE program:

  • Must complete 3 units of VCE English.
  • Must elect five Unit 3/4 subjects
  • Must have satisfactorily completed at least eight units in Year 11.
  • Must sit all exams and satisfactorily complete Unit 3/4 English in order to gain an ATAR
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