School Laptop Program

At Dromana College Parents have the choice of BYOD (Bring your Own Device) or placing an order with Edunet via the College Laptop Purchase Portal.

Devices purchased from Edunet have full on-site software and hardware service and support.

The College supports Windows and Mac Devices meeting the below outlined Specifications.

Please note, Chromebooks are not a supported device.


Device Specifications for 2024

Our recommended specifications are designed to provide a 3-year useable lifespan and experience to students.
Our minimum specifications will be sufficient for 2024 but will be unable to provide students with an acceptable experience in further years.


Intel or AMD CPU with at least 4 cores

8GB System RAM

256GB storage (SSD)

11, 13 or 14inch screen

Windows 11

MINIMUM (Windows):

Intel or AMD CPU with at least 4 cores

4GB System RAM

128GB storage (SSD)

11inch screen

Windows 10 (version 22H2)


Apple M1 MacBook Air

8GB System RAM

256GB Storage

MacOS 13 or newer


Either Intel i5 or Apple M1

4GB System RAM

128GB Storage

MacOS 12 or newer


The Edunet Technology Portal is now open for orders.

All purchases will be delivered to the College for setup and distribution to Students.

New enrolment laptop collection day: 24th January 2024, 10am to 2pm in the Design Centre.

Visit the below link to purchase.


Lenovo 500w Gen4

An entry level device that is capable of all education duties. It has been designed to be both tough and repairable.

Lenovo 13w Yoga Gen2 (Dromana College recommended)

A compact powerhouse of a laptop designed for education. This device has a drop-resistant design, spill-resistant keyboard, scratch-resistant display, and reinforced ports and hinges.

Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen4

A premium laptop available in two specifications. This laptop is for those wanting the highest performance for demanding subjects such as VCE Media.

Apple MacBook Air 13.6inch

The entry level MacBook is both lightweight and portable. As a bonus it is faster than ever thanks to the Apple M2 processor.

Full Device Specifications (opens in new tab)


The College IT Technicians can provide support for software related issues (viruses, problematic software) to all devices.

Support for hardware issues can only be provided to devices purchased via the College partner Edunet. College technicians will diagnose devices and request required repairs from Edunet.

BYO devices will need to be taken back to the manufacturer or place of purchase for repair and warranty claims.
The College Technicians cannot fix any hardware related issues, they need to be logged with the manufacturer.

There is no need to purchase Microsoft Office, students are provided a license with their School accounts.


All laptops purchased from our partner Edunet included 3-years of on-site Warranty (excl. Apple) that covers your device in the event of a failure or manufacturing defect.

Optionally, 3-years of insurance from iBroker can be added at time of purchase. The optional insurance policy covers your device for a variety of events including liquid damage, accidental physical damage, and loss/theft. Pricing of this insurance package is comparable to the repair of 1 damaged screen. You can make claims up to twice the value of the device per year.

For full details of Insurance coverage please see the below document from the insurer iBroker.

Apple devices can be optioned with 3-years of AppleCare+. This service provides both warranty and insurance in one package.

The Australian Government has introduced new laws that affect the sale of add-on insurance products at the point of sale to consumers. This law mandates a 5-day cooling off period before insurance can be sold for a device. If interested in AppleCare+, be sure to add it to your cart and Edunet will contact you after 5-days to confirm your purchase.


Purchasing accessories for your device is also available through Dromana College. Students misplace their charger, bag or any other accessory, the school has signed up for the Edunet Accessories Portal to be available for parents and students to order a replacement. It will be delivered to the school and a text message can be arranged once delivery has been complete.

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