all Applications will open on the 21st of july 

Language applications will close on the 11th of September 

All students attending our college in Year 7 2023 are required to study a language in accordance with Department of Education Guidelines.  At Dromana College, students can choose to study Japanese or Indonesian.

Our tuition in both languages focuses on learning to communicate in the Language, as well as developing intercultural understanding between Australia and our Asian neighbours.  While some students may have studied a language at Primary School, we begin the Year 7 programme catering for students with no prior experience of the language. For some students this will be consolidation, with the opportunity to extend their knowledge using interactive computer software, namely Education Perfect. The students will be required to purchase an Education Perfect subscription from the booklist to support their classroom learning.

The Australian Government recognises the vital importance of equipping young Australians with the knowledge and skills to communicate and work with our regional neighbours, and as such Asian awareness must be a core element of our curriculum.

To select the language your child will study, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Discuss the choice of language with your child and select one.
  2. Register at bottom of page. Registration now closed.

You will receive confirmation of language choice via your Primary School.

It is important that you put in your preference for which language you wish to study – Japanese / Indonesian / No Preference. The language that you are allocated to is the language you will study for a minimum of two years. If you do not put in a preference, you will be allocated to a class.

Early registration of a language preference is essential for the Year 7 2024 cohort. Your language choice preference must be registered by Monday 11 September 2023. After this date there will be no opportunity for movement between classes. Please complete the online application form via our website. We will endeavour to allocate your choice when classes are timetabled for 2024.

This form is currently closed for submissions.