Peninsula Aero Club

The Peninsula Aero Club is offering a school program for students who may be interested in learning to fly. At this stage we are promoting this program to gauge the level of student interest. It is available to students in years 7-10 and costs are borne by the student and their family. The attached flyer provides information about the club, costs and the type of program that may be offered, depending on the level of interest.

If this is something that you would like your child to participate in please register your interest by Friday the 17th March. We will then notify you in due course as to whether the program is viable and provide additional information.

please register your interest by Friday the 17th March.

This form is currently closed for submissions.


Peninsula Aero Club (PAC) is a Pilot Training Provider. The Club operates under a CASA approval Part 141 Flight Training Certificate to provide flying training to Commercial Pilot Licence standard. For almost 60 years, the Club has been training pilots for the Commercial Aviation industry as well as Private and Recreational flying. This is done utilising a fleet of up to 17 aeroplanes and conducted by the Club’s CASA accredited Instructors.
Our High School Activity Program has been developed to provide high school students with an easy opportunity to experience aviation and all the benefits and unique challenges that come with it.

Introductory Flight Program Information

The Introductory Program has been developed over several years, specifically with high school students aged 15 and above. Following the CASA Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) syllabus, the program includes an introductory flight along with the theory and practical elements for the first two exercises. Ground and flight lessons are split across 5 individual lessons that can be scheduled in each week on a day that suits the school. A period of 2 hours minimum needs to be allowed for each lesson. All flight training is completed in a Cessna 152 aircraft, which is the world’s most popular training aircraft, known for their safety and ruggedness in the training environment.

Benefits of Program

The program offers several benefits to students such as:

• Experiential learning
• Theory learned is directly relevant to the practical training
• Opportunity for students to step outside their comfort zone
• Combines physics, maths, and specific language skills learning
• Real world experience – providing students with a connected view of learning that integrates the real-world experience, with classroom lectures and discussions.
• Providing the students with life skill around discipline, leadership and responsibility for themselves and others.

Structure of Program

Students are given the opportunity to undertake a series of ground theory sessions and flight lessons that provide them with an introduction to becoming a licenced pilot. The theory and flight lessons undertaken by the students as part of this activity contribute towards the CASA Recreational Pilot Licence should they wish to continue with lessons.

Program Costs

The following discounted rates have been developed for this program

• 30 min Trial Introductory Flight – $150.00
• Flight Lessons – $343.50 per hour (or part there-of)
• Ground Theory Lessons – $50 per hour (or part there-of)

PAC can facilitate payment for lessons either through the School Administration, or directly from families at the completion of the lessons.
If students wish to continue their flight training following on from the Activity Program, they will need to join the Club as a Member. The cost of Junior Membership (under 18) is $110.00 per year and gives the student access to training and all club facilities.