Music Handbook

WoodwindFlute, Clarinet, Saxophone (Alto, Tenor and Baritone)
BrassTrumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba
PercussionDrum Kit
Pianoforte/KeyboardContemporary and Classical Piano
GuitarAcoustic and Electric Guitar
BassElectric Bass
VoiceContemporary and Classical Singing
Dromana College Instrumental ProgramExternal Tuition (Based on VMTA)
Annual (Solo) Tuition Fee$520$2,800

Instrument Hire Costs and Policy

Instrument Hire

The college has a number of instruments available for hire from the school at an additional cost of $200 per year.

Guitar, Bass and drum students will need to purchase their own instrument. It is not essential for students learning the drums to purchase their own kit at the beginning of their tuition, however it is important that they purchase their own pair of drumsticks and if possible, rummer practice pads. Further information ins available through their Instrumental Music Teacher and/or Music Coordinator.

Instrument Hire Policy

  • Hire fees are for one year.
  • Hire fees will be invoiced and must be paid along with any tuition fees, prior to commencement of tuition, unless alternative arrangements are made.
  • While the college agrees to cover general maintenance costs, parents agree, when they hire an instrument from the college, to pay any reimbursement costs associated with the loss or damage of the instrument that may require significant replacement parts.
  • If you wish to cease instrument hire, written notification must be given 2 weeks prior to the end of term.
  • All instrument hire and distribution will occur at the start of each semester. Instrument hire will not begin or cease during the Semester.
Instrumental Music CoordinatorJacqui Rodden
Classroom TeachersDan Earl
Jacqui Rodden
Simon Dodd
Sam Leskovec
Guitar/Bass GuitarWill Tyrer
Andrew Ferguson
Ben Cripps
PianoAaron Brereton
Rani Thuan
Kelvin Castor
VoiceJacqui Rodden
Tania Edwards
BrassJoe Tobias
WoodwindJoel Plymin
DrumsSam Leskovec
AdminstrationAnn Thomas
Concert BandAny students learning an instrument may join the Junior Concert Band. The band introduces and consolidates general musicianship and performance skills.
Rock BandDromana College has a number of pop/rock bands across all year levels. Students that perform in these bands must be having lessons in their instrument and will be allocated the correct band for their playing level.
Percussion EnsembleThe percussion ensemble involves students who either learn piano or drum kits. Students perform on a range of percussion instruments, such as the Xylophone, Drums or Glockenspiel.
Senior Vocal EnsembleAn auditioned ensemble focussing on complex harmonies and A Capella music. Students involved in this ensemble are between Year 9-12.
Junior Vocal EnsembleThis ensemble is open to all Year 7-9 students who wish to participate. It is a non audition ensemble and focuses on vocal development whilst learning a variety of contemporary repertiore.
Guitar EnsembleThe guitar ensemble is open to any students at Dromana College who learn guitar. A variety of contemporary music is performed in this ensemble, combining acoustic, electric and bass guitar.
Jazz BandThe jazz band is a senior ensemble that is audition only. Students play a variety of repertoire and learn the basics of improvisation.
Wind EnsembleThe wind ensemble involves students who learn woodwind ensembles within the college. The ensemble focuses primarily on classical repertoire.

Lesson Procedure


  • All lesson timetables are continually rotated in order to prevent students missing the same class each week. A timetable will be given to all students at the commencement of each Term by the appropriate instrument teacher.
  • Students are responsible for keeping track of their upcoming lessons and communicating with their instrumental teachers if they are unsure of their lesson time or are aware of upcoming events that may clash with scheduled lesson times.
  • If students have a rescheduled lesson, the instrumental teacher will contact the student with details of when the lesson will take place. Lesson times will also be posted outside instrumental music rooms for student reference and on their Compass.

Changing Lesson Times
In the case of a lesson clashing with another school event or assessment, it is essential for the student to make contact with the instrumental music teacher at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. This will allow the instrumental teacher to reschedule the lesson time. If 24 hours notification is not given, the instrumental teacher may not be required to reschedule the lesson.

Leaving class to attend a lesson.
Students are required to notify their class teacher at the commencement of the period that they will need to leave at the required time for their music lesson.
Students are expected to go promptly to their music lesson and return to class immediately after the music lesson.

Storage of Instruments at School
All instruments should be nearly stored in the Music Department’s allocated storage area while they are at school.
It is strongly advised that non school owned instruments be insured against damage, theft or accidental loss whilst the instrument is not at home.

Student Expectations

Dromana College is proud to offer a range of performance opportunities to students. As an Instrumental student in the college, students agree to the following:

  • Attend timetabled lessons on a weekly basis
  • Attend ensemble rehearsals
  • Commit to frequent practice of your instrument
  • Bring all required instruments and materials to lessons/rehearsals
  • Respect musical instruments and facilities
  • Support the development of the general Music Program

Performer Etiquette

To ensure that students develop healthy attitudes towards performance, it is crucial that students and families support events at the expected level. This includes:

  • Attending performances in the required uniform – to develop presentation skills
  • Attending performances for the full duration  – as a sign of respect to other performers and staff
  •  Supporting events in which students are not directly involved with – to demonstrate support

Uniform and concert blacks

Students are required to wear full uniform to performance events both within the College and externally.
On occasion, students may be asked to wear ‘Concert Blacks’. Concert blacks consist of semi formal war of complete black with no logos or distracting accessories. This is an industry expectation of musicians, regardless of age. We ask that students have these items readily available for performances:
Dress/skirt OR pants/trousers, shirt/blouse, hair ties/headband, black socks/stockings and polished dress shoes.

2024 Instrumental Music Enrolment

Students who wish to enrol in the Dromana College Instrumental Music Program for 2024, and are not on the current waiting list, are encouraged to access the 2024 Instrumental Music Program online application form. (see link)

All families who have students enrolled in the 2024 Instrumental Music Program will receive information at the beginning of Term 4 regarding 2023 and will be required to re-enrol by completing the online application, and pay a deposit of Term 1 fees by the end of Term 4 in order to secure your child’s place.

If no notice has been received by this date the school will assume that you DO NOT wish to re -enrol for 2024 and your child will lose their current place in the program.

Please note that any outstanding tuitions fees from 2023 will need to be paid before an application for 2024 is accepted.

For further information regarding the application process, please contact the Music Administrator, Katelyn Johns via email: