Dromana College Problem Solving Model

As a parent, guiding your child through this problem solving process is critical to developing their numeracy skills.

When your child comes to you and asks for your help on a mathematical question, it does not matter if you don’t understand the mathematical processes involved. What does matter is that you encourage your child to problem solve and to develop a growth mindset.

It presupposes that your child can take on some of the responsibility for their own learning and can take personal action to solve problems, resolve conflicts, discuss alternatives, and focus on thinking as a vital element of the curriculum. It provides your child with opportunities to use their newly acquired knowledge in meaningful, real-life activities and assists them in working at higher levels of thinking.

Guiding your child through problem solving

Problem solving strategies include (but are not limited to):

Guess, check and improve
Make a list or table
Work backwards
Break the problem down into smaller parts
Act out the problem
Draw a picture or graph
Make a model
Look for a pattern
Make an equation