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Ever wished you could choose what you wanted to study in school? The Project offers you the opportunity to do that. You choose one of the following project types:

  • An extended dissertation (c2000-3000 words)
  • Creating an artefact
  • A research project/ investigation
  • A performance

The Project develops skills in project management, time planning, research and referencing – essential skills for VCE and University.  Each project requires you to develop a project proposal, create a project log, undertake research from a variety of sources, write up your findings and produce a short presentation of your project and it’s outcomes.

You must be self-motivated and able to work independently- the project is led and driven by you.

Sample project ideas: Dissertation/ Investigation? Do food labels affect how people shop? Should human cloning be allowed? Do violent computer games contribute to anti-social behaviour? Should human cloning be allowed? Is graffiti an art form?

Artefact/ performance: Develop a food for sale at a local market. Create a website/ animation/ sculpture/computer program. Make a toy for a child.