Accounting involves reporting and analysing financial information to track and improve business performance. Accounting plays an integral role in the successful operation and management of every organisation, from a small business to a global corporation, across a variety of industries.

VCE Accounting prepares students for a university or vocational pathway in commerce, management and accounting. It can lead to careers in areas such as financial accounting, management accounting, management and personal financial planning.

In VCE Accounting students apply critical thinking skills to a range of business situations, using both manual bookkeeping and information and communications technology (ICT) to provide accounting advice to business owners.

Unit 3: Financial accounting for a trading business

This unit focuses on financial accounting for a small business. Students develop their understanding of the accounting processes for recording and reporting and consider the effect of decisions made on the performance of the business. They interpret reports and information presented in a variety of formats and suggest strategies to the owner to improve the performance of the business.

Unit 4: Recording, reporting, budgeting and decision-making

In this unit students further develop their understanding of accounting for a small business. Students investigate both the role and importance of budgeting in decision-making for a business. They analyse and interpret accounting reports and graphical representations to evaluate the performance of a business. From this evaluation, students suggest strategies to business owners to improve business performance.

NOTE: VCE Accounting 3 /4 runs in the normal blocks.