This subject introduces students to the concept of sustainability and encourages an understanding of the complex interactions between the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability. Attracting students from a range of fields, Design for a Sustainable Future will bring a multidisciplinary team perspective to the research, analysis and problem-solving aspects of creating positive change towards sustainability within our school. This subject aims to give students a sense of empowerment and achievement in addition to tangible leadership and design skills which will feed into a range of later year study areas.  

In small teams, students will be required to critique, design and present an action plan aimed at resolving a sustainability issue that impacts current and future generations. This subject provides students with the opportunity to enhance, demonstrate and document work-ready skills appropriate to their personal areas of interest. 

Areas of study within this course will be: waste management, sustainability of materials, recycling, composting, permaculture, entrepreneurship, leadership, critical analysis, ethical and sustainable production, safety in product design, technology in sustainability, community development