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VCAL is a hands-on option that is best suited to students who enjoy more practical based subjects and who are interested in pursuing a vocational pathway such as a traditional trade based apprenticeship, or more modern type apprenticeships and traineeships such as in the areas of:

  • Hospitality
  • Business Administration
  • Community Services (Child and Health Care)
  • Education Support 
  • Horticulture
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Retail

VCAL offers three levels of Certificates:

Year 10 equivalent Year 11 equivalent Year 12 equivalent
VCAL Foundation VCAL Intermediate VCAL Senior


To complete the VCAL Certificate students will complete the following:

Intermediate Level Certificate
VCAL Intermediate Literacy

VCAL Intermediate Numeracy

VCAL Intermediate Personal Development VCAL Intermediate Work Related Skills Elective Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) / VET Course
VCAL Horizons Program - Intermediate Level Certificate
VCAL Intermediate Literacy VCE General Maths Unit 1&2 VCAL Intermediate Personal Development VET Business Elective SWL / VET Course (Min 90 hours)
Senior Level Certificate
VCAL Senior Literacy VCAL Senior Numeracy VCAL Senior Personal Development VCAL Senior Work Related Skills Elective SWL / VET Course (Min 90 hours)
VCAL Horizons Program - Senior Level Certificate
VCAL Senior Literacy VCE Further Maths Unit 3&4 (unscored) VCAL Senior Personal Development VET Business Elective SWL / VET Course (Min 90 hours)


Students who elect the VCAL option should be aware of the following:

  • VCAL is not a course for students needing an ATAR.
  • It is a course suited for students who wish to gain an apprenticeship or traineeship or who have a pathway that the VCAL Program caters to.
  • If intending on going onto TAFE at the end of Year 12, students should carefully check that they are able to qualify for their TAFE course by completing VCAL. In most cases this won’t be a problem.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 90 hours of a VET/TAFE course as part of their VCAL certificate.
  • Although the VET/TAFE component of the VCAL program is heavily subsidised by Government funding, students will have to pay costs to cover materials costs (see individual VET course details)
  • Students must be prepared to complete ongoing work placement one day per week. This means they will attend school either three or four days per week and work placement one day. (3 days if undertaking an off-site VET Course)
  • Work placement will need to be linked to the VET/TAFE course you are enrolled in.
  • Although students will be completing more practical subjects, there is still a writing/theory component to all classes including VET/TAFE.
  • The VCAL Program is a community based program and therefore students are required to attend up to a dozen excursions throughout the year, each of which relate directly to work undertaken in class. All attempts are made to keep these costs to a minimum. Continued failure to attend excursions will make it difficult to meet the requirements of the course.
  • VCAL / VET carries a 90% attendance requirement.

VCAL Senior is recognised as equivalent to completion of the VCE. The difference is that VCAL does not provide students with an ATAR and all VCAL students must undertake a VET Certificate.

The Horizons Program offers a pathway into specific University Courses via TAFE.

VCAL Horizons Program 2019

The VCAL Horizons Program caters to students who may want to keep the University Pathway option open, or who are unsure of what pathway they want to pursue and therefore choose this program to keep a broad range of options open.

The program allows students to complete a VCAL Program that ensures they are more fully prepared for a University course. To access the VCAL Horizons Program students must either receive a formal invitation to participate or can apply online. Academic performance in Year 10/11 is taken into consideration as well as the pathway plan that students are interested in pursuing.

Students in the VCAL Horizons Program will be required to complete a slightly modified VCAL Program that incorporates VCE General Maths Unit 1/2 at Year 11 and VCE Further Maths Unit 3/4 at Year 12 and VET Business, as well as the other additional VCAL requirements.

The rationale behind having students complete both VCE General and Further Maths and VET Business is to ensure that students gain the necessary literacy and digital literacy skills required within a University course and also because many University courses list VCE Maths as a pre-requisite for entry.



Diploma of Accounting

(6 months)

Deakin University: Bachelor of Commerce

Swinburne University of Technology: Bachelor of Commerce (various)

Deakin University: Bachelor of Information Systems

Diploma of Business

(5 months)

La Trobe University: Bachelor of Accounting

Deakin University: Bachelor of Arts (A300)

Monash University: Bachelor of Business

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (12 months)

Deakin University: Bachelor of Arts (A300)

Deakin University: Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (E330)

Swinburne Online: Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Monash University: Bachelor of Education

Deakin University: Bachelor of Education (Primary)-(E359)

Deakin University: Bachelor of Health Sciences

Diploma of Justice

(6 months)

Deakin University: Bachelor of Criminology
Diploma of Nursing  (Division 2) (18 months) Monash University: Bachelor of Nursing
Diploma of Outdoor Recreation (12 months) Monash University: Bachelor of Sport and Outdoor Recreation

Diploma of Software Development and Interactive Games (12 months)

La Trobe University: Bachelor of Information Technology

Melbourne Institute of Technology: Bachelor of Networking

Swinburne Online: Bachelor of Social Science (Public Relations)

Diploma of Visual Arts (12 months) Deakin University: Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts)