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Physical Education examines the biological, social and cultural influences on performance and participation in physical activity. Theory and practice are integrated in this study which is approached through both the study of, and participation in, physical activity. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities including the development of sporting events.

Unit 1:  The human body in motion (Year 11)

How does the musculoskeletal system work to produce movement?

How does the cardiorespiratory system function at rest and during physical activity?

Unit 2:   Physical activity, sport and society (Year 12)

What are the relationships between physical activity, sport, health and society?

What are the contemporary issues associated with physical activity and sport?

Career Options

Athlete, Sports Coach, Athlete Manager, Sports Editor, Chiropractor, Sports Commentator, Dietician, Sports Journalist, Fitness Centre Manager, Sports Medicine Practitioner, Fitness Instructor, Sports Psychologist, Nutritionist, Sport Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer, Sports Scientist, Physiologist, Sports Trainer