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Students complete one unit of VCE Food Studies in Year 11 and one unit in Year 12. Running the course over two years allows students to engage more deeply with the practical elements of the course, whilst still managing to complete the theoretical components.

Unit 1: Food Origins  -  2019

This unit focuses on food from historical and cultural perspectives. Students investigate the origins and roles of food through time and across the world. In Area of Study 1 students explore how humanity has historically sourced its food, examining the general progression from hunter-gatherer to rural-based agriculture, to today’s urban living and global trade in food. In area study 2 students explore food in Australia with emphasis on immigration and contemporary influences. Students will also be involved in Community Food projects, such as after school soup kitchen, athletics breakfast and school gardening program.

Unit 2: Food Makers  -  2020

In this unit students investigate food in systems in contemporary Australia. Area of Study 1 looks at food processing, product development and food safety in Australia, while Area of Study 2, looks at Australian food in the domestic setting. Student will plan design and evaluate meals. Student will be involved in providing safe, high-quality food that meets the needs of our local community.