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In Year 11 and 12 students complete intermediate and senior Work Related Skills. Students in the Horizons Program complete units from the VET Business Course as part of their Work Related Skills program, to ensure students are prepared for transition into more academically orientated pathways (e.g. University) 

VCAL Work Related Skills (Year 11 and 12)

The purpose of the Work Related Skills units is to develop employability skills, knowledge and attitudes valued within community and work environments as a preparation for employment, All VCAL students are expected to work - either once a week or as part time employment.

Employability skills are a range of skills that employers look for when interviewing potential employees:

Initiative Communication Team Work Technology
Problem Solving Self-Management Planning Learning

As part of their Work Related Skills course students will be required to complete activities relevant to their workplace, such as Occupational Health and Safety audits and documentation of processes within the course of their work.

Other topics covered include the role of unions, workplace bullying and harassment and the laws in relation to employment (minimum wage, fair work Australia etc)

VET Business / VCAL Work Related Skills (Year 11 and 12 Horizons Program)

Students in the Horizons Program will be need to complete all of the same requirements that are part of the normal Work Related Skills course, including undertaking a work placement.

Additionally Horizons students will also be required to complete more academically challenging tasks such as complex research projects requiring analysis and presentation of findings using unique presentation methods as practised within the university sector.