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At intermediate level (Year 11) students aim to undertake VCE Foundation Maths Unit 1 and 2. At senior level (Year 12) students aim to undertake VCAL Senior Numeracy.

The VCAL Horizons Numeracy Course requires Year 11 students to complete VCE General Maths Unit 1 and 2, and VCE Further Maths Unit 3 and 4 in Year 12.

VCE Foundation Maths Unit 1 and 2 (Year 11)

The purpose of this subject is to enable students to develop everyday numeracy to make sense of their daily personal and public lives.The mathematics includes:

  • measurement
  • shape
  • numbers 
  • graphs

applied to tasks which are part of the learner’s normal routine. Also extending to applications outside their immediate personal environment such as the workplace and the community.

There is a strong emphasis on using mathematics in practical contexts relating to everyday life, recreation, work and study.

The areas of study for Units 1 and 2 of Foundation Mathematics are:

  • Space
  • Shape and Design
  • Patterns and Number
  • Handling Data
  • Measurement

VCE General Maths Unit 1 and 2   -  Year 11 Horizons Program

This course of study is intended to cater for quite diverse groups of students who have shown they have a good grasp of Mathematics in Year 10

The areas of study for Unit 1 and 2 of General Mathematics are:

  • Arithmetic and Number
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Algebra and Structure
  • Graphs of Linear and Non-Linear Relations
  • Geometry, Measurement and Trigonometry

A Graphics calculator is ESSENTIAL for this subject.

VCAL Numeracy (Year 12)

Underpinning the VCAL Numeracy Skills Unit is the concept that skills development occurs best when it takes place within social contexts and for social purpose. 

Like the VCAL Literacy Skills Unit, the purpose of the VCAL Numeracy Skills Unit is to develop skills and  knowledge that allow effective participation in the four main social contexts in which we function in Australian society:

  • family and social life
  • workplace and institutional settings
  • education and training contexts
  • community and civic life.

Numeracy and mathematics is used in all these social contexts. Within VCAL Numeracy students are required to apply their numeracy skills to complete practical projects within the context of their own employment and their own lives.

VCE Further Maths Unit 3 and 4  -  Year 12 Horizons Program

Students need to have Satisfactorily completed Units 1 and 2 General Mathematics in order to undertake this course

Further Maths Units 3 and 4 areas of study consist of a core part of the course that consists of ‘Data Analysis’, and ‘Recursion and Financial Modelling’. This course will also include one module ‘Geometry and Measurement’.

Assumed knowledge and skills for the Core are contained in the General Mathematics Units 1and 2 topics:

  • Computation and practical arithmetic
  • Investigating and comparing data distributions
  • Investigating relationships between two numerical variables
  • Linear graphs and modelling
  • Linear relations and equations
  • Number patterns and recursion

A Graphics calculator is ESSENTIAL for this subject.