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The VCAL Horizons Personal Development Course is the same as the normal VCAL Personal Development Program.

VCAL Personal Development  (Year 11)

The Personal Development course focuses on self-esteem, personal qualities, valuing personal achievement and contributions for the benefit of the community or personal growth. This may involve demonstration of leadership, teamwork skills, accepting responsibility for goal achievement and reflecting on knowledge and skills for decision making and problem solving.

In 2016 students undertaking a VCAL Program completed community based projects and organised and participated in programs around the themes of poverty, OHS, sustainability and the environment and leadership and teamwork.

VCAL Personal Development  (Year 12)

The Year 12 Personal Development program aims to take students out of their comfort zone by giving students the opportunity to lead complex projects such as: a 26km Mentoring Hike across the Two Bays Trail with junior students, a life savvy unit culminating in an excursion to Fulham Prison and research projects relating to industry, mental health, leadership and the local business community.