At intermediate level (Year 11) students aim to undertake VCE Foundation English Unit 1 and 2. At senior level (Year 12) students aim to undertake VCAL Senior Literacy.

The VCAL Horizons Literacy Course is practically the same as the normal VCAL Literacy Program.

VCE Foundation English Unit 1 and 2 (Year 11)

Students are required to demonstrate competence across a range of outcomes including:

Students will study novels and film texts as well as complete everyday Literacy tasks such as digital and oral presentations, comprehension and written tasks.

In 2018 students studied the following texts:

Prescribed texts for 2019 may differ slightly.

 VCAL Senior Literacy (Year 12)

Literacy Skills:

These units allow students to develop their skills in communication in real contexts. Their focus is on the development of the types of writing and oral skills that suit workplace settings, community situations and civic life. They build students’ reading skills to enable them to understand the types of material that they will need to interact within these settings.

 Students will focus on development of a Curriculum Vitae and cover letters, business letters and other literacy skills relevant to the workplace.  A strong emphasis is also placed on understanding of current issues and how these issues impact on individuals and the Australian workforce.

In 2018 students studied a series of short texts and the film texts:

Texts studied in 2019 may differ slightly.

 Career Options

The VCAL Pathway caters to students aiming to enter the Vocational sector or the workforce.

The Vocational Pathway includes traditional trades such as those within the building industry and more modern type traineeships in industries such as hospitality, retail, business administration, community service (child care and aged care), sport and recreation.