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Which Mathematics Subject Should I Choose?

Note: Those students choosing to deviate from the recommended pathway options will require a course counselling interview with the Head of Year or Head of Maths Domain.

Mathematics is an elective subject in the VCE, however the VCAL requires students to complete a Numeracy Strand.

In Mathematics, students will be assigned to a class according to their ability. The student’s ability will be assessed by standardised testing and teacher judgements. If students and/or parents are concerned with the Maths subject that students have been recommended for, then they may negotiate to change through the Maths Domain Leader (Siaan Le Fevre). To gain details of which Maths subject is recommended speak to your Maths teacher or your course counsellor.



Years 10 – 12 Mathematics Pathways

Pathway 1

Year 10

Extension Maths - Methods

VCE Maths Methods Unit 1 & 2 


VCE Specialist Maths Unit 1 & 2

VCE Maths Methods Unit 3 &4


VCE Specialist Maths Unit 3 &4

VCE Maths Methods Unit 1 & 2 VCE Maths Methods Unit 3 &4

Pathway 2

Year 10 Mathematics (Standard) VCE General Maths Unit 1 & 2 VCE Further Maths Unit 3 &4

Pathway 3

Year 10 Numeracy VCE Foundation Maths Unit 1 & 2

VCAL Senior Numeracy


No Maths Undertaken

VCAL Intermediate Numeracy

Please Note:

  • Students will be recommended for VCE Maths based on Year 10 results and performance. Any variation from this will require endorsement from the Assistant Principal or relevant Domain Leader and Head of Year.
  • Students can transition down from Pathway 1 to 2 or from 2 to 3, but they cannot transition up.
  • All students are provided with recommendations on which pathway will best suit their capabilities.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the recommended pathway, please speak to your Maths teacher.
  • Year 11 students with a “strong” background in mathematics could enrol in both Mathematical Methods CAS Unit 1 & 2 and Specialist Maths Unit 1 & 2, if Mathematical Methods Unit 1 & 2 was not completed in Year 10.
  • Students can include Mathematical Methods CAS, Further Mathematics and Specialist Mathematics in their ATAR Scores. (If all three are taken, one is to be a fifth/sixth subject in ATAR)
  • Students may obtain credit towards satisfactory completion of VCE for up to 8 units of Mathematics.