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Choosing a Program

Choosing a VCE Program can be a daunting process, since developing a career pathway is a long-term and often ever-changing process. The following information may assist in the subject selection process.

Choose Areas of Interest and Keep Your Options Open

Given the nature of the workforce and the fact that your chosen pathway will probably change in the next few years it is also a good idea to keep your options open:

  • choose the subjects you are good at
  • check prerequisites for university and TAFE courses you are interested in
  • choose subjects you have a passion and interest in

Keeping your options open does not mean you should select a range of eclectic subjects, but it does mean that if you have a number of areas of interest, try to keep all of these interests open.

You will notice from the ‘Sample Programs’ section of this booklet that nearly all of these programs are suited to a number of different career pathways, as the subjects are from a number of different Domains. It is okay to select subjects in one specific area / Domain, but if you do this you are cutting down your options considerably.


Prerequisites are the entry requirements for University and TAFE courses. Students need to ensure that they have researched the types of courses they may be interested in after Year 12 and checked that they have selected the subjects to meet these requirements.

Mathematics Options

Technically students do not have to select a Mathematics subject in either Year 11 or 12 to complete their VCE. However, it is important to check Prerequisites, as completing a VCE Maths subject is a prerequisite in a wide range of courses from Pre-Apprenticeship TAFE courses, to Primary Teaching and a wide range of other University courses.

Generally, a student should elect to undertake the highest level of VCE Mathematics that they are capable of. Students should talk to their Mathematics teacher to gain a recommendation.

Portfolio Subjects

Dromana College offers a number of subjects that are assessed through the development of a portfolio (Visual Communication, Media, Studio Arts, Food Technology and Design Technology). Given the demands of these subjects the college recommends that students do not elect to undertake more than two portfolio subjects in any given year.

Any exception to this must be approved by the Head of Senior School, Assistant Principal or Head of Year