This study develops intellectual, aesthetic and cultural understanding of the value and importance of music in solo and group settings. As soloists and members of groups, students develop skills in preparing programs of music works, and apply musicianship as they create music and interpret and analyse solo and ensemble works in a range of styles.

Unit 1 and 2:

Music Performance Units 1/2 focuses on building performance, musicianship and composition skills. Students present performances of selected group and solo music works on their chosen instrument/s and are given opportunities to perform in various venues and spaces. They study the work of other performers and refine selected strategies to optimise their own approach to performance. Students develop their listening, aural, theoretical and analytical musicianship skills and apply this knowledge when preparing and presenting performances. Students are also required to write a composition for their chosen instrument/s and provide an analysis of their individual composition.

Unit 3 and 4:

Music Performance Units 3/4 focuses on building and refining performance and musicianship skills. Students select to perform either a group or solo performance that they will present in the end-of-year examination. Through analysis of other performers’ interpretations and feedback on their own performances, students refine their interpretations and optimise their approach to performance. They continue to address challenges relevant to works they are preparing for performance and to strengthen their listening, aural, theoretical and analytical musicianship skills. 

In order to undertake this subject, it is compulsory for students to have prior / current experience playing an instrument