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Although the Year 10 Program has a number of core subjects, the emphasis is on students being able to access programs that best suit their needs and abilities.

If the program that you believe best suits you does not fit, then talk to your Course Counsellor. We are often able to find solutions or we can be flexible in the application of normal program requirements.



Speak to your current and previous English teachers about which English they recommend for you


Foundation English

  • Students who are recommended for Foundation English will have access to the VCAL pathway only in Years 11 and 12
  • Students will be recommended for an English class by their Year 9 teachers based on effort, ability and results. Variation from this recommendation is only possible after discussion with the Head of Year

STEP 2  


Speak to your current and previous Mathematics teachers about which Mathematics they recommend for you

Extension Maths - Methods

Maths (Standard)


Years 10 – 12 Typical Mathematics Pathways

Pathway 1

Year 10

Extension Maths - Methods

VCE Maths Methods Unit 1 & 2 


VCE Specialist Maths Unit 1 & 2

VCE Maths Methods Unit 3 & 4


VCE Specialist Maths Unit 3 & 4

VCE Maths Methods Unit 1 & 2
VCE Maths Methods Unit 3 & 4

Pathway 2

Year 10 Mathematics (Standard) VCE General Maths Unit 1 & 2 VCE Further Maths Unit 3 & 4

Pathway 3

Year 10 Numeracy VCE Foundation Maths Unit 1 & 2 VCAL Senior Numeracy
VCAL Intermediate Numeracy

Please Note:

  • Students will be recommended for Extension Maths - Methods, Maths (Standard) or Numeracy based on Year 9 results and performance. Any variation from this will require endorsement from the Assistant Principal or relevant Domain Leader and Head of Year.
  • Students can transition down from Pathway 1 to 2 or from 2 to 3, but they cannot transition up.
  • Year 10 students can undertake any of the Year 10 Maths subjects. They can also undertake any of the Year 11 Maths options in Year 10, or combinations of Year 10/11 Maths subjects. This will allow students to complete a Unit 3 /4 Maths in Year 11, hence allowing them to pick up a 6thVCE subject in Year 12.
  • Capable students are encouraged to elect VCE Maths Units in Year 10. All students are provided with recommendations on which pathway will best suit their capabilities.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the recommended pathway, please speak to your Maths teacher.

STEP 3  


Dromana College encourages Year 10 students to undertake a VCE subject

Students must elect either:

2 units from the VCE electives  and 4 units from the Year 10 electives


6 units from the Year 10 electives

Every VCE Elective is worth 2 units

Applied Computing Unit 1 & 2

Biology Unit 1 & 2

Business Management Unit 1 & 2

Drama Unit 1 & 2

Food Technology Unit 1 & 2

General Maths Unit 1 & 2

Geography Unit 1 & 2

Health & Human Development 1 & 2

History Unit 1 & 2

Legal Studies Unit 1 & 2

Literature Unit 1 & 2

Maths Methods Unit 1 & 2

Media Unit 1 & 2

Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies Unit 1 & 2

Physical Education Unit 1 & 2

Physics Unit 1 & 2

Psychology Unit 1 & 2

Studio Arts Unit 1 & 2

Systems Engineering Unit 1 & 2

Visual Communication Unit 1 & 2

VCE Advancement Options

  • All Year 11 VCE and VET subjects are available to Year 10 students provided the subject is not already full with Year 11 students. Students must meet the individual academic requirements to access a particular VCE Course and their enrolment is approved by the Head of Domain
  • It is expected that Year 10 students who select VCE units, choose a Unit 1/2 sequence in a study that will broaden their VCE program. Students are able to undertake both a VCE subject in the Wednesday block and an additional Unit 1 /2 subject
  • Year 10 students who do not pass the Unit 1 VCE subject will be withdrawn from Unit 2 of this study
  • The advantage of completing a VCE Advancement Program is not only that it will provide students with a sixth study score (hence an increment on their ATAR), but it also exposes students to the demands of the VCE prior to them having to embark on a full VCE program. We would encourage all students to follow course counsellor and teacher recommendations and apply for a VCE Advancement Program should they be eligible
  • The Victorian Baccalaureate is a further qualification available to VCE students who complete a VCE Unit 3/4 Language, VCE Maths Methods Unit 3 /4 and English Unit 3 /4, achieving specified benchmarks. 



Typically, students will choose:

  • At least one unit of Science
  • At least one unit from the Humanities / Language Domains
  • At least one unit from the Health and Physical Education Domain
  • Students who are interested in an Arts / Technology Pathway will elect programs that incorporate electives from these Domains

Students must elect either:

  • 2 units from the VCE electives and 4 units from the Year 10 electives


  • 6 units from the Year 10 electives

Where an elective runs in Semester 1 & 2 it is worth 2 units. All other electives are worth 1 unit only.

Advanced Food Studies

Advanced industrial Product Design


Business / Legal Studies

Café Cuisine

Cartooning / Illustration



Engineering (Systems)

Engineering (Welding)

Essential Biology & Chemisty

Essential Chemistry & Physics

Foundation Sport

Health and Human Development


Indonesian  -  Semester 1 & 2

Japanese  -  Semester 1 & 2


Music  -  Semester 1 & 2

Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies

Physical Educaiton

Sport and Fitness

Visual Communication



Students should elect subjects that complement their other subject choices

Advanced Furniture Projects

Astrophysics and Organic Chemistry

Cryptography and Problem Solving

Cycling Program

Design for a Sustainable Future

Group Music Performance




Research Projects

St John Cadets

Tipoff Basketball

Visual Communication

VCE Accounting

VCE Dance

VCE Environmental Science

VCE Geography 

VCE Media

VCE Product Design Tech (Fashion)

VCE Visual Communication

VET Hospitality – Kitchen Operations

VET Sport & Recreation

STEP 6  


Please choose additional back up choices.

These must include:

  • One elective from the Wednesday block and
  • Three electives from the VCE or Year 10 block

Parents seeking further advice and assistance on the selection of subject electives should contact the relevant Coordinator, Domain Leader or Senior Sub School Leader via email or phone (03) 5987 2805. 

Additionally, parents are invited to attend an optional Parent / Student course counselling session between 3:30pm - 6:00pm in the Staffroom on Wednesday 24th July (no appointment necessary).