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Unit 1:  Media Forms, Representation and Australian Stories                       

Students will investigate the relationship between audiences and the media and how they are constantly changing and how audiences engage with the media. Students will develop research skills to investigate and analyse selected narratives focusing on the influence of media professionals on production genre and style with a focus on Australian fictional and non fictional narratives. Students will develop an understanding of how media texts are constructed and put this onto practice with the development and production of media products in a variety of media forms. 


Unit 2:  Narrative Across Media Forms

In this unit, students further develop an understanding of the concept of narrative in media products in different contexts including film, television, sound news, print, photography, games, and interactive digital forms. Students analyse the influence of the development in media technologies on individuals and society examining the effects of media convergence and hybridisations on the design, production and distribution. Through the creation of media productions, students will develop their understanding of media codes and conventions, audience engagement, consumption and reception.

Career Options 

Actor, Journalist, Arts Administrator, Make-up Artist, Audio Visual Technician, Multimedia Developer, Camera Operator, Projectionist, Copywriter, Scriptwriter, Desktop Publisher, Set Designer, Film and TV Editor, Sound Mixer, Film and TV Lighting Operator, Sound Technician, Film and TV Producer, Stage Manager, Film Critic, Web Designer/Developer, Graphic Designer, Media Teacher