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Unit 1 and 2

These units enable students to explore the potential of the body as an instrument of expression. Concentrating on safe dance practices, students will develop the physical skills and body actions required in dance. Students will explore and perform dance works originating from different dance-making processes and discuss influences on the movements and ideas communicated in their own and other’s dance works. Students will also expand their dance vocabulary by exploring various genres of dance.


Unit 3 and 4

These units allow students to develop compositional skills by exploring ways in which the intention of the choreographer can be expressed through movement with the use of phrasing, spatial organization, elements of movement and group structures. Solo and group dance works from 1900 to present day are analysed, concentrating on the influences and compositional techniques used. The students will also focus on the technical complexities, accuracy, performance skills and composition in the performance and interpretation of a learnt group dance and the composition and performance of their own solo dance works.


“It is recommended that students have three to four years dance and/or movement experience prior to the commencement of VCE Dance. This experience might focus on a specific dance style or could involve development of a personal movement vocabulary.”

Students are expected to purchase (is they don’t already have) a pair of foot undies, along with the expectation that students are to attend “Top Acts”, perform at the end of semester Performance Evening (practical exam) and one of the workshops offered throughout the year.

Career Options

Choreographer, Fitness Instructor, Dance Teacher, Musical Theatre, Events Co-ordinator, Professional Dancer

Year 10 students who undertake VCE Dance on a Wednesday are strongly encouraged to also undertake the Year 10 Dance within their normal Year 10 program.