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Astrophysics and Organic Chemistry

This course is designed for Year 9 and 10 students who are thinking about studying VCE Chemistry and / or Physics.

In this course, students will learn about the types of bonding involved in ionic, covalent and metallic compounds. They will study organic chemistry and learn how to name and draw hydrocarbons. Students will apply this knowledge to investigate the reactions of hydrocarbons and explore compounds such as carboxylic acids and haloalkanes.

They will also explore many of the really interesting topics in Physics which include astrophysics, circular motion, black holes, quantum mechanics, the Big Bang, dark matter, dual nature of light and much, much more.

While not a prerequisite for VCE, this course will be a great preparation and introduction to some of the content in the VCE course.

It is suitable for Essential Science students and Year 9 students thinking of completing a Year 11 Science subject in Year 10.