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All students in Year 10 will be able to select a program that enhances their interests and strengths while preparing them for future study in Years 11 and 12.

Year 10

Semester 1

English Mathematics


VCE Unit 1 encouraged

Elective Elective

Wednesday Elective

(All subjects selected in this block run for the whole year)

Year 10

Semester 2

English Mathematics


VCE Unit 2 encouraged

Elective Elective

Typically, students will choose:

  • At least one unit of Science
  • At least one unit from the Humanities / Language Domains
  • At least one unit from the Health and Physical Education Domain
  • Students who are interested in an Arts / Technology Pathway will elect programs that incorporate electives from these Domains

Students must also elect to undertake one subject from the Wednesday block:

  • ·Subjects offered in the Wednesday Elective block run Period 3 and 4 every Wednesday. This means that subjects in this block run only 4 periods per fortnight whereas all other subjects run for 7 periods per fortnight
  • ·Subjects in the Wednesday block run across the whole year

Please Note: VCE subjects in this block may not run or be offered as Year 12 studies (Units 3/4), however they will provide credit towards the VCE at Year 11 level (Units 1 and/or 2)

English and Mathematics Students are required to undertake English and Mathematics across the whole year.
  • Students will be recommended for a Maths and English class by their Year 9 teachers based on effort, ability and results. Variation from this recommendation is only possible after discussion with the Head of Year.
  • Students who are recommended for Foundation English will have access to the VCAL pathway only in Years 11 and 12.



Although not a requirement, students who are intending to follow a VCE pathway in Year 11 and 12 are strongly encouraged to undertake a VCE Unit 1 /2 subject in Year 10.

All VCE subjects run for the whole year, meaning they take up two elective choices.

Electives Students have four other electives. Keep in mind that some subjects, such as Languages and VCE subjects run as whole year subjects, meaning that electing these subjects will take up two elective choices.
Wednesday Elective Students are encouraged to undertake subjects that complement the electives they have selected outside of the Wednesday block.