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Before I choose my Year 10 Program - Have I done the following? 

Thought carefully about subjects
  • Have I read the online handbook thoroughly?
  • Have I thought about what I like?
  • Have I thought about what I am good at?

Given thought to undertake a VCE Unit 1 /2 subject

It is strongly recommended that all students seeking to pursue a VCE Pathway undertake a VCE Unit 1 /2 subject in Year 10.

The benefits are:

  • A better understanding of the demands and expectations of VCE.
  • A future option of doing a Year 12 subject in Year 11 without the stress of undertaking four other Year 12 subjects.
  • Completing a Unit 1 /2 and then a Unit 3 /4 in Year 11 gives students a 6th VCE 3 /4 subject, which positively impacts a student’s ATAR

Looked up the subjects required for the courses I am interested in

Your course counsellor can show you how to use important directories including:

  • The VTAC Guide VICTER
  • TAFE Directory

These resources are available in the Careers Office

Checked with my subject teachers
  • Subject choice should depend on your interests and ability
  • Consider a VCE Unit 1 and 2 or a VCE/VET program
Discussed my thoughts openly with my family
  • Your family can be a very important network
  • Allow your family to be a meaningful part of this process
Made sure I am preparing for a range of options
  • Make sure you are not preparing for one career
  • Ensure you have suitable options if your plans fall through, or you change your mind about a career
Spoken with a Counsellor
  • Students will be counselled on subject selection prior to the webchoices due date of July 31st.
  • Counselling information will be available for parents in the College staff room on Wednesday 24th July between 3:30pm – 6:00pm
  • No appointment is necessary

Completed the Selection Form and Online Selection Process

Make sure you fill in the online form correctly, print it off and hand it in to the Careers Office by Wednesday 31st July 2019

Where Can I get Help?
  • Course Selection Booklet
  • Job Guide
  • Subject Teachers
  • Family