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Year 10 Music gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and practical application of music concepts. The program allows students to work on their own individual areas of performance interest, while also covering a range of fundamental pre-VCE theory and aural skills, music technology projects and creative composition activities. Students are required to prepare a number of performances throughout the semester, involving a variety of styles and techniques, as both a soloist and in an ensemble. Students are also required to analyse recordings and videos of their own performances, as a way to improve and self-evaluate their technical and performance skills. The subject is an excellent complement to school ensemble involvement and private instrumental/vocal lessons and equips students with the necessary skills for a strong start in VCE Music in Year 11. 

To undertake this subject, students must have some knowledge of music and be learning an instrument. Students who are seeking to undertake VCE Music in Year 11 are strongly encouraged to undertake Music and Group Music Performance (Wednesday elective).

This subject runs for the whole year.