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Introduction to Business and Legal Studies

This elective balances relating Business and Legal concepts to students’ everyday lives, while developing skills and knowledge that will assist students in VCE programs. This elective is highly recommended for any students considering studying Business Management or Legal Studies in VCE.

Business Management:

Students will learn skills that are applicable to their current lives, such as creating a resume and practising common interview scenarios. Students are provided with a great deal of flexibility, with many opportunities to apply and research business terms and concepts to a business of their choice. Students will be assessed on their ability to work with their peers to create an innovative product advertisement. This includes an explanation of the price, target markets, and key competitors they will face with their created product. The knowledge and terminology learned will support VCE Business Management but also are relevant to life outside school.

Business Management topics include:

  • Innovation
  • Work and Work Futures
  • Entrepreneurs and ICT in Businesses
  • Business Decision Making and Reasoning

Legal Studies:

The Legal Studies component of the course will provide students with an introduction into the broad nature of the legal system. We begin with examining the difference between civil and criminal law and the process through which laws are made. Students are provided the opportunity to explore current issues being discussed in the media, and how citizens can impact changes to the law being made. Students learn the system of voting, including who has the right to vote and how to vote. Students are given the opportunity to create their own political party and campaigns based on an issue of their choice.

Legal Studies topics include:

  • Introduction to Civil and Criminal law
  • How courts and governments make laws
  • How to influence changes in the law
  • How to vote and political parties
  • United Nations and the role of the media