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Visual Communication Design assists students in the understanding, use and interpretation of a range of visual communications.  It involves a study of the vocabulary and grammar of visual communication, which includes an understanding and application of, drawing and drawing conventions, design elements, principles and function of design in communication. The study also provides the opportunity to develop an informed, critical and discriminating approach to visual communications encountered in everyday life. 

Unit 1: Introduction to Visual Communication Design

In this unit, students focus on using visual language to communicate messages, ideas and concepts. Students practice their ability to draw what they observe and will use visualisation drawing methods to explore their own ideas and concepts. Through experimentation and exploration of the design elements and principles, students develop an understanding of how they affect visual messages.

Unit 2: Applications of visual communication within design fields

In this unit, students focus on the application of visual communication design knowledge, design thinking and drawing methods to create visual communications to meet specific purposes in designated design fields. Students use presentation drawing methods that incorporate the use of technical drawing conventions to communicate information and ideas associated with the environmental and industrial fields of design. They also investigate how typography and imagery are used in these fields as well as communication design. 

Unit 3: Visual communication design practices

In this unit, students gain an understanding of the process designers employ to structure their thinking and communicate ideas with clients, target audiences, other designers and specialists. Students use their research and analysis of the process of visual communication designers to support the development of their own designs. 

Unit 4: Visual communication design development, evaluation and presentation

In Unit 4, students prepare a design brief, and follow the design process to produce two final presentations that satisfy their client brief. They utilise a range of digital and manual two- and three-dimensional methods, media and materials. Please note, a folio of work is required to satisfactorily complete Unit 4.

Career Options:

Advertising, Animation, Architectural Drafting, Architecture, Cartography, Cartooning, Construction, Costume Design, Desktop Publishing, Education, Fashion Design, Film Making, Fine Arts, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Decoration, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Multimedia Development, Offset Printing, Photography, Production Design, Set and Theatre Design, Signwriting, Textile Design, Visual Merchandising, Web Design.