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Studio Arts provide an understanding of materials, techniques and studio processes through a practical and theoretical approach. Within their A3 folio, students generate, explore and communicate ideas through specific studio forms and develop and use specialised skills in a range of media and techniques. The theoretical component of the study informs students' practice and teaches them about the working practices of artists and the considerations involved in exhibition curation.  

Students may choose to present their work in the medium of painting, sculpture or photography

Unit 1:  Studio Inspiration and Techniques
In this unit students focus on developing an individual understanding of the stages of studio practice and learn how to explore and develop artworks. Students will explore their individual ideas in a folio including sources of inspiration, materials and techniques related to specific art forms. Students also research and analyse the ways in which artists from different times and cultures have developed their studio practice to interpret and express ideas.

Unit 2:  Studio Exploration and Concepts

In this unit students focus on developing an individual understanding of the stages of studio practice and learn how to explore and develop artworks. Students explore and develop ideas and subject matter, create aesthetic qualities and record the development of their work in a folio.Through the study of art movements and styles, students begin to understand the use of other artists’ work in the making of new artworks. In Unit 2 students also learn about exhibition spaces and reflect on the different environments- examining how artworks are presented to an audience.

Unit 3: Studio Practices and Processes

Within this unit, students will write an exploration proposal that supports the direction for their studio process. They will then produce a folio which records trialling, experimenting, analysing and evaluating the extent to which art practices successfully communicate ideas presented in the exploration proposal. In Unit 3 students will also visit a variety of exhibitions and they will reflect on the different environments where artworks are exhibited. 

Unit 4:  Studio Practice and Art Industry Contexts

Within this unit, students will create at least two final artworks based on their ideas and development in Unit 3. Once the artworks have been made, students provide an evaluation about the cohesive relationship between the artworks. This unit also investigates aspects of artists' involvement in the art industry, focusing on a least two different exhibitions that the student has visited in the current year of study. Students investigate the methods and considerations of the artist and/or curator involved in the preparation, presentation and conservation of artworks displayed in the exhibitions in at least two different galleries or exhibitions.                   

Career Options 
Animator, Interior Designer, Art Gallery Director, Illustrator, Arts Administrator, Jewellery Designer, Art Teacher, Patternmaker, Cartoonist, Conservator, Sculptor, Ceramic Artist, Tattooist, Craftsperson, Graphic Designer, Film Maker, Fashion Designer.