Outdoor and Environmental study is a study of the way humans interact with and relate to natural environments. This includes environments that have minimum influence for humans, but may also include environments subject to human intervention.  The study is directed towards enabling students to make critically informed comments on questions of environmental sustainability and to understand the importance of environmental health, particularly in local contexts.

Unit 1: Exploring outdoor experiences

This unit examines some of the ways in which humans understand and relate to nature through experiences of outdoor environments. The focus is on individuals and their personal responses to and experiences of outdoor environments. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a Glenelg River Tour (approx. $280) which includes a number of practical lead up activities.

Unit 2: Discovering outdoor environments

This unit focuses on the characteristics of outdoor environments and different ways of understanding them, as well as the human impacts on outdoor environments.

In this unit students study nature‚Äôs impact on humans, as well as the ecological, social and economic implications of human impact on outdoor environments. Students develop a clear understanding of the impact of technologies and changing human lifestyles on outdoor environments. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a 3 day bush walk (approx. $100) and 2 day Alpine cross country skiing trip approx. ($280). 

Unit 3: Relationships with outdoor environments

The focus of this unit is the ecological, historical and social contexts of relationships between humans and outdoor environments in Australia. Case studies of impacts on outdoor environments are examined in the context of the changing nature of human relationships with outdoor environments in Australia. Students participate in a snorkelling camp at Bushrangers Bay (approx. $60) and a day excursion to Walhalla (approx. $40)

Unit 4: Sustainable outdoor environments

In this unit students explore the sustainable use and management of outdoor environments. They examine the contemporary state of environments in Australia, consider the importance of healthy outdoor environments, and examine the issues in relation to the capacity of outdoor environments to support the future needs of the Australian population. Students have the opportunity to participate in 4 day Mt Buller skiing/snowboarding trip (approx. $600) in semester two.

Career Options 

Professional Guides (Bushwalking, Rock Climbing, Rafting, Mountain Biking, Alpine Sports, Surfing), Divers, Environmental Scientists, Ecotourism, National Parks Officers, Outdoor Adventure Officers, Outdoor Education Teachers, Outdoor Environment Administration, Outdoor Environment Management, Rescue Service Officers, Ski Instructors, University Lecturers