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VCE Health and Human Development takes a broad, holistic approach to defining and understanding health and wellbeing. This study aims to develop students’ understandings of health status, human development across the lifespan, the biological, sociocultural and environmental factors that influence health, and how health is promoted and improved at a local, national and global level. 

Unit 1:   Understanding health and wellbeing

In this unit, students are introduced to the key concepts of health, including the factors that influence health and wellbeing, with a focus on the lifespan stage of youth. Students explore how nutrition plays a key role in the health status of individuals and conduct an extended inquiry about a major health and wellbeing issue associated with youth in today’s society.

Unit 2:   Managing health and development

In this unit students focus on the developmental transition from youth to adulthood, by exploring physical and social changes and the factors that influence the health status of adults. Students are also introduced to the Australian healthcare system, by researching healthcare services in the community and analysing a range of issues associated with new and emerging healthcare technologies.   

Unit 3:   Australia’s health in a globalised world 

This unit of study develops students’ understanding of Australia’s health by investigating burden of disease and factors that influence the health status of population groups within Australia. Unit 3 also explores the different approaches to public health care and investigates the role of health promotion in improving the population’s health status.

Unit 4: Health and human development in a global context

This unit focuses on health, wellbeing and human development in a global context. Students compare the health status of Australia to low, middle and high income countries, and consider the factors that contribute to these health inequalities. Area of study 2 looks at global action to improve worldwide health, wellbeing and human development, with a focus on sustainability. 

Career Options

Aged Care, Medical Receptionist, Child Care Worker, Nursing Aide, Child/Youth, Residential Care, Paramedic, Chiropractor, Personal Care Assistant, Dental Assistant

Physiotherapist, Dietician, Podiatrist, Enrolled Nurse, Registered Nurse, General Medical Practitioner, Speech Pathologist, Youth Worker, Health Promotion Officer, Medical Imaging Professional.