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This study is designed to give students a greater understanding of food as a commodity and knowledge of food preparation and production from a small-scale perspective to mass production in industry. Students will develop skills in planning, preparation and evaluation of food products.

Unit 1     Food Origins

This unit focuses on food from historical and cultural perspectives. Students investigate the origins and roles of food through time and across the world. In Area of Study 1 students explore how humanity has historically sourced its food, examining the general progression from hunter-gatherer to rural-based agriculture, to today’s urban living and global trade in food.

Unit 2     Planning and Preparation of Food

In this unit students investigate food systems in contemporary Australia. Area of Study 1 focuses on commercial food production industries, while Area of Study 2 looks at food production in small-scale domestic settings, as both a comparison and complement to commercial production. Students gain insight into the significance of food industries to the Australian economy and investigate the capacity of industry to provide safe, high-quality food that meets the needs of consumers.

Unit 3     Food in Daily Life

This unit investigates the many roles and everyday influences of food. Area of Study 1 explores the science of food: our physical need for it and how it nourishes and sometimes harms our bodies. Students investigate the physiology of eating and appreciating food, and the microbiology of digestion. They also investigate the functional properties of food and the changes that occur during food preparation and cooking. They analyse the scientific rationale behind the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (see and develop their understanding of diverse nutrient requirements.

Unit 4     Food Issues, Challenges and Futures

In this unit students examine debates about global and Australian food systems. Area of Study 1 focuses on issues about the environment, ecology, ethics, farming practices, the development and application of technologies, and the challenges of food security, food safety, food wastage, and the use and management of water and land. Students research a selected topic, seeking clarity on current situations and points of view, considering solutions and analysing work undertaken to solve problems and support sustainable futures.

Career Options 

Baker, Hospitality Advisor, Caterer, Hospital Catering, Chef, Health Inspector, Consumer Advisor, Health Educator, Cook, Home Economist, Dietician, Nutritionist, Food Producer, Pastry Chef, Food Technologist, Teacher, Food Writer