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This study provides students with the opportunity to examine and explore the ways in which drama gives form to, and makes meaning of, a range of social, political, cultural and historical contexts. It focuses on the development of expressive skills within dramatic structures and the development and performance of imagined characters, achieved through the refinement of skills, techniques and processes in the creation and presentation of dramatic works.

Unit 1 Dramatic storytelling

This unit focuses on the art of transforming into imagined characters, examining the place of role and status in characterisation, and using performance structures such as solo or ensemble performance.        

Unit 2 Creating Australian drama

This unit focuses on the differing perspectives and interpretations that drama can give to play scripts and stimulus material from a range of cultures. It explores the application of dramatic elements and stagecraft and the development of expressive skills in the student’s own words.

Unit 3 and 4 Ensemble performance / Solo performance

In these units, non-naturalistic drama from a diverse range of traditions is explored in the development of ensemble performance. The use of performance style, theatrical conventions and stimulus materials from a variety of cultural sources is explored in the development of a solo performance.

Career Options

Actor, Film and TV Producer, Announcer, Film or Theatre Critic, Audio Visual Technician, Film, Stage and TV Director, Arts, Administrator, Program Director, Casting Director, Set Designer, Choreographer, Sound Technician, Costume Maker, Scriptwriter or Playwright, Dancer, Stagehand, Director of Photography, Stunt Performer, Entertainer, Wardrobe Supervisor, Film and TV Editor, Lighting Operator