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Business Management leads to a huge range of courses and careers, including advertising, marketing, banking, finance, real estate and economic planning. Business Management is an excellent subject for students who are interested in a whole range of vocational pathways, including apprenticeships and traineeships and the establishment of a small business. Business Management is a great choice for any student wishing to understand and contribute to the economy.

Unit 1     Planning a Business

Unit 2     Establishing a Business

Unit 1 and 2 Business Management focuses on the necessary entrepreneurial skills and tools to plan and establish a successful business organisation. Topics covered include establishing a business, types of businesses, sources of finance and investment, communication, public relations and marketing. Students are required to complete a business design assignment where they undertake, examine statistical information and make business decisions based on factors such as demographics.

Unit 3     The Nature of Business

Unit 4     Transforming a Business

Unit 3 and 4 Business Management focuses on a huge range of topics which include business ethics and corporate social responsibility, management structures, stakeholder and shareholder obligations and expectations, business operations, transformation processes in business structures, motivational theories, the impact of business on the economy and human resources management.

Career Options

Auditor, Bank Officer, Company Secretary, Corporate Treasurer, Diplomat, Economics, Financial Advisor, Financial Journalist, Financial Planner/Manager, Human Resource Management, Management Consultant, Market Researcher, Portfolio Manager, Project Manager, Statistician, Stockbroker, Tax Agent, Trade Analyst, University Lecturer.