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Dromana College library had a make over at the start of 2019 with the aim of providing a multi use learning space for all students and staff.

Students can use the traditional classroom set up with tables and chairs or move towards the more collaborative learning opportunities by ‘booking a booth’. The spaces are flexible in design allowing the staff and students to adapt to the differing learning needs. Students can learn independently or together in groups with dedicated days for both private study and relaxation. Our Library  is a very popular and welcoming place for students in all year levels and access to the IT help desk is now an integral part of the space.

Our online catalogue through “Access It’ allows students to search for audio, e-books and of course traditional books our library contains. The new system also allows students to research from home using the ‘One’ search facility.

Whether at home or in school, the library maintains a presence where students and staff are always welcome.