Dromana College Athletics Squad trains every Tuesday and Wednesday morning before school. In recent years the Athletics Squad has proved to be a resounding success, achieving our best ever results in Athletics and Cross Country. The Athletics Squad aims to:

The Athletics Squad caters to all ability levels and we do not limit the number of spaces available. If more students want to participate in the program then Dromana College is committed to running extra sessions and employing extra coaches to meet this demand and to ensure that any child who wishes to participate is able to do so.

Access to Programs


Timetabled Class



Year 7-12

Tuesday and Wednesday

7:15am – 8:15am

$120 per semester

Dromana College Gym / Oval /

Multipurpose Courts


Overview of Athletics Squad

The Athletics Squad runs every Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 7:15am - 8:15am. The program focusses on exposing students to specialist coaching in the areas of:


The Athletics Squad caters to all ability levels and the focus is on improvement, no matter what the starting level. In 2018 the Athletics Squad also offered a number of additional excursions to squad members and we plan to expand these offerings in 2019 to encompass activities such as:

Athletics Squad Fees

The cost of participating in the Athletics Squad is $120 per semester and includes:

For further information please contact Emma Morrison 09139514@dsc.vic.edu.au or 5987-2805