Are you interested in improving your fitness, confidence, health and self-esteem? 
Then the Dromana College Aerobics team is for you. The aim of aerobics is to teach our youth that exercise, fitness, team spirit, self-pride and fun should be a way of life. We train once a week, before school for an hour, with a focus on developing choreography, strength and flexibility. Students are required to attend regular training sessions in order to improve their fitness levels and learn the choreography. The team will have the opportunity to compete in the School Aerobics competition held in May.

 Access to Programs


Timetabled Class



Year 7 - 12

Wednesday Before School (Choreography)

7:15am - 8:15am

$200 per semester

Dromana College Dance Studio

Year 7 - 12

Thursday After School (Aerobic Fitness)

3:15pm – 4:30pm

Dromana College Stadium

Aerobics Program Fees

The cost of participating in the Aerobics Program is $200 per semester and includes:

For further information, please contact Brittany Felsinger or 5987-2805